NHL Projections

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Pre-Morning Skate Projections are Usually Ready by 10:00 AM EST 

Final Projections are Usually Ready by 2:30 PM EST

There is usually only very minor differences between the two projections except for line changes after morning skates.

Projections for Monday 4/17 are *LIVE*

The “Line Stack” tab gives you the projected points, total cost and cost per point for the the players on that line. I’ll keep lines as accurate as possible on the projections, but I can’t always account for changes just before game time. 

The DraftKings tabs have the key at the top. Hover your mouse over the column header to to see what each tab means. They are pretty self-explanatory. If you have questions hit me up on twitter @DFSDatalytics
If you are new to the projections the most important thing you can look at is Expected Fantasy Points EFP and Value, that means how much are they going to cost per expected point of production. If you have any questions please e-mail me or tweet me @DFSDatalytics*