The Saturday Night Sweat – January 23, 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of the NHL Saturday Night Sweat for Jan 23. If you want to read my inaugural edition, and find out a little bit more about who I am, you can do so here.

8:00am PST

– Oy, the sweat started early for me today. I made my lineup for today last night and then I wake up to find out that my top stack (Philly) has had their game cancelled today. This is awful. I hate when something like this happens to a stack I was going to rely on so much. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

10:00am PST

– I’ve reworked the team and here’s what I’m rolling with as of now for tonight’s slate on DK:

Patrice Bergeron, Tyler Bozak, Brad Marchand, PA Paranteau, Taylor Hall, Shea Theodore, Torey Krug, James Reimer, Leon Draisaitl

– I liked my other lineup a lot more (it had Voracek, Grioux, Ghost over the Oilers and Krug) but this one will have to do. EDM at home is pretty good and I’m not buying the Rinne resurgence quite yet. Montreal is terrible so I’m definitely going to stack the Maple Leafs for some cap relief with upside. TOR2 avoids PK Subban so that’s where I’m going. The Blue Jackets can’t defend anyone so I’m all in on Boston tonight. I won’t get cute like I did last week with BOS2 and I’ll just roll out a top line mini-stack and take my lumps if they falter (they won’t). Shea Theodore is such a great value for $3.3k that he’s hard to pass up on. Reimer has been playing like an elite goalie with a 1.80 GAA over his last nine starts. He’s not this good, but Montreal is this bad. I’m expecting a 30 save, 2 goals allowed performance with a win.

4:00pm PST

– No changes to my lineup. That’s rare. I like where this is going so far.

5:19pm PST

– One goal from the BOS1 line is nice, but I would have liked it more if they had both Bruins goals right now.

– Reimer has already given up 2 goals tonight and looks terrible. Perhaps my buddy Anthony was right when he said the Canadiens were the play tonight. I should listen to him more often. He knows his stuff.

– I liked the Anaheim offense tonight. I should have played them. The Perry-Rakell line already has a goal early on. This looks like it could be a shootout (2-2- game at the moment).

– I really need TOR to come out strong in the 2nd period and for EDM to play like I think they can. If not, this lineup is dead. I really should know better than to load up on a weak TOR team. I’d have been much better off breaking up the stack and playing one of them with Rakell or going Rakell with another lower priced player I liked.

6:18pm PST

– Why didn’t I play Perry/Rakell again? I liked them plenty. I should have known better.

– Things are pretty boring otherwise outside of Florida destroying Ben Bishop (up 4-0 right now). This doesn’t hurt my lineups but anyone who played TB is now not really a threat to me if EDM can get their act together.

6:43 pm PST

– Things WERE boring, but in the span of five minutes Dallas, Tampa 2x, Florida, Toronto, Anaheim, Detroit, Colorado, Winnipeg, and New Jersey put up goals. Let’s see if any of them help me.

– Anaheim (Getzlaf): Nope

– Dallas (Demers): Would have helped on Thursday. Tonight? Nope

– Winnipeg (Byfuglien): Nope

– Tampa (Hedman and Brown): Kucherov and Johnson helped a secondary lineup with the assists, but for the main team? Nope

– Toronto (Lupul): Nope

– Florida (Campbell): Nope

– Detroit (DeKeyser): Nope

– Colorado (Landeskog): Nope

– New Jersey (Stempniak): Nope

– I’d say that this was a VERY BAD five minutes.

– And now Shane Doan scores for Arizona. Does that help? Nope

– It all comes down to the OT for BOS, the last 6 minutes in Toronto, and the Edmonton game for me. Things are not looking promising.

8:31pm PST

– EDM1 put up a quick goal but I think it’s too little, too late. They haven’t done anything since that early goal and I just don’t have enough fire power to make this team work today. I really regret not putting a Rakell/Perry stack here because I really liked them. I had them on Fantasydraft team but just felt that the matchup for Toronto was a little stronger. I failed to remember that Toronto is Toronto.

– There never really was a solid sweat for me today since this team was pretty much out of it once Reimer gave up two quick goals. Boston didn’t help much either even though they had a phenomenal matchup. It’s disappointing when a lineup doesn’t come together the way you want it to. Sometimes even a great matchup (like TOR had) isn’t worth playing when the team with the matchup isn’t good enough to take advantage of it. I knew this would be a low scoring game, yet I played it anyway. It would have been very interesting to see how this day would have worked out if the Philly game didn’t get cancelled. I needed to do a better job adjusting to that news and I didn’t. That’s a big lesson I learned; always be flexible and have a backup plan.

Best of luck this week. I’ll be back next week with another look at my Saturday Night Sweat. Until then feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@bankster17).

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