The Safest Cash Game Plays

Among the revelations I’ve come to while providing daily players with projections for their DFS lineups, is that there is a wide range of players at all areas of development of their game. As hockey players we are in the minority in the DFS world, but the game is growing. Properly sized contests is another hurdle, but the hockey community is growing in DFS. I often get asked various strategy questions ranging from how to construct lineups, what stats I favaor, and how the projections are calculated. 

A question I receive regularly is how to project ceilings and floors for cash games and GPP’s. I think it’s a bit more difficult for GPP’s and probably a better exercise to project ownership numbers, but it’s much easier to project floors in cash games. The three basic criteria, I use come right from the projections in three categories I have labeled as (ETP, ESP and vTOI). I’ve written about vTOI here, here and here. So I’ll focus on the other two stats for this piece. 

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