The 6th Man: Monday October 31st

Happy Halloween everybody!  As always, this article is to help you find the necessary value in pricing to help you pay up for the studs you wish to roster.

Be sure you read Brent and Tyler’s columns first to get a blueprint for how you want to attack this 4-game slate.

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Austin Rivers (DK $3300, FD $4500)

This is definitely not the night to scrap near the bottom of the barrel when looking for PG’s.  If you’re asking me as of now what my plan is tonight regarding this position, it’s to creep up near the middle tier for guys like Schroeder, Lin and even Lawson.  But since this is a ‘bargain column’, I went with Rivers.  He leads all Clippers bench players in minutes, has a respectable USG rate of 19% and is going up against the Suns.

Phoenix played a close game against the Warriors last night and may come into this one tired.  If this game gets out of hand, even more reason to like Rivers but either way, he’s is still gonna see close to 25 minutes against a Suns team that ranked dead last in fantasy points allowed to PG’s last season.  By that reason alone, it’s goes to show you how great of a play Chris Paul is tonight but it’s going to be hard to afford him.


Bojan Bogdanovich (DK $4600, FD $4300)

I believe this is already the 3rd time I’ve written up Bojan this opening week. It’s not like I have his jersey hanging above my bed or anything.  It’s just that his price is still a bit too low considering what this Nets team asks of him.  Another reason is because I hate everyone else priced below him at SG.

In two of the three games this week, he was exactly who we expected him to be.  A guy who shoots whenever he gets the chance, shooting 15 and 17 times in both games.  The game against IND where he only shot 1-6, I’m willing to throw that one out the window.

Tonight’s game against the Bulls is the highest total on the night at 211, with the Bulls being 6 point favorites.  Bogs is second on the team in minutes and is tied for first in ppg (17, with Lin), averaging .92 DKPTS per minute.  Be warned though that Brook Lopez is expected back tonight, so he may see a dip in USG.


T.J. Warren (DK $5400, FD $5500)

This one was just was too easy for me.  Also, a guy that I think I’ve written up 3 times already.  If you’ve been listening to the pods or reading this column, you should already know how high I am on this kid.  The pricing is starting to catch up but it’s still not there yet people.

He leads the Suns in minutes, second in FPPM, third in USG, first in FGA’s, first in steals, etc etc etc.  I could go on and on but my laptop can’t work as well with so much drool on the keyboard.  I’m gonna be playing this guy as long as he’s under $6500.  Now, I think it’s only a matter of time before Booker takes the reigns and makes this team his but he’s been struggling as of late (11-37 from the field over the last 2).  As long as those struggles continue, Warren is going to take advantage of this opportunity.

UPDATE: Booker is questionable tonight.  If he sits, Warren becomes even a better play


Taj Gibson (DK $5100, FD $5400)

Ok you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I’m pretty sure I’ve read this “6th Man” already.  I know, I know.  These are the same guys I’ve been on all week but Brent and I have talked about it before.  The first couple of weeks, it’s going to take these sites time to adjust to these roles.  Until then, it’s on you to take advantage of it.

Even Taj’s price is slowly coming up but it’s still not enough to where he should be.  He’s averaging over a fantasy point per minute, taken double digit shot attempts over the first 2, which is definitely encouraging and it looks like Bobby Portis isn’t even a threat to his minutes anymore.  Gibson and Mirotic both split playing time with 25 minutes each last game, giving Portis the last 6 min in the blowout against IND.

Taj leads the Bulls by a wide margin in TRB% (Total Rebounding Opportunities), with 20.2.  So far into this 3 game season for the Nets, they’re ranked 9th in team opponent defensive rating % (73.6).  Gibson’s always a threat for a double-double anytime he sees close to 30 min of action but I love the chances a lot more in this matchup.


Tyson Chandler (DK $4300, FD $4200)

The projections don’t agree with me much here but I still think Chandler is priced too low.  I’m likely going to spend up just a little more at Center but I think Chandler provides a relatively safe floor.  He’s got double-digit rebounds in all 3 Suns games this season and they’re going to need him against a bigger Clippers front court.

Chandler is never going to score a bunch of real life points.  Shoot, if he could get you 10, you’d be ecstatic because of the high probability of a double-double.  His value lies in rebounds and blocked shots.  The Suns played the Clips twice last year with a healthy Chandler.  He played 36 minutes in the first of the 2 and recorded 38.25 DKPTS, scoring 14 points and 17 rebounds.  In the second, he still played 28 minutes and recorded 22 DKPTS.

The reason I bring these two games up is because that’s essentially how I look at his floor and ceiling.  It seems like a bad game for him in a matchup like this would be around 20 DKPTS, which won’t kill you for his price.  On the flip side, how many other guys in this price range have the upside for 40 fantasy points?

If you’re going to use Tyson Chandler, you better use him early in the season when his legs are still fresh.



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