DFS Datalytics Week In Review: October 31st-November 6th

Every Monday I’ll be giving you readers a run down of our content for the past week, (almost) all unlocked for your reading pleasure; along with site updates and highlights.



Stock Market Report: Tuesday November 1st – Adam Jazdzewski

GameDay Notes: Tuesday November 1st – Adam Jazdzewski

HuLo Stacks: Thursday November 3rd – Adam Jazdzewski

Stars of the Night: Thursday November 3rd – Staff


Morning Shootaround: Monday October 31st – Brent Heiden

NBA Datalytics: Monday October 31st – Tyler Schmidt

The 6th Man: Monday October 31st – Chris Fedail

Morning Shootaround: Tuesday November 1st – Brent Heiden

NBA Datalytics: Tuesday November 1st – Tyler Schmidt

The 6th Man: Tuesday November 1st – Chris Fedail

Morning Shootaround: Wednesday November 2nd – Brent Heiden

NBA Datalytics: Wednesday November 2nd – Tyler Schmidt

The 6th Man: Wednesday November 2nd – Chris Fedail

Morning Shootaround: Thursday November 3rd – Brent Heiden

NBA Datalytics: Thursday Novemnber 3rd – Tyler Schmidt

The 6th Man: Thursday November 3rd – Chris Fedail

Morning Shootaround: Friday November 4th – Brent Heiden

NBA Datalytics: Friday November 4th– Tyler Schmidt

The 6th Man: Friday November 4th – Chris Fedail

Morning Shootaround: Saturday November 5th – Chris Fedail

Morning Shootaround: Sunday November 6th – Tyler Schmidt


Week Nine NFL Picks – Patrick Wendt


Champions League Matchday Four: Tuesday November 1st – Alex Spalding

Champions League Matchday Four: Wednesday November 2nd – Alex Spalding

Premier League Previews: Matchday Eleven – Alex Spalding


UFC Fight Night 98: Picks and Analysis – Rob McGeorge


NBA – Tuesday November 1st – “Eat at Chef Curry’s” – Brent Heiden

NBA – Wednesday November 2nd – “Mr. Howard’s Neighborhood” – Brent Heiden and Evan Burgmeier

NBA – Thursday November 3rd – “Muscle Westbrook” – Brent Heiden and Evan Burgmeier

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